Youth League(Robots/Lego)


Participation Youth and University Students
Subject Lego Spike Prime Mission Mars Challenge
Finalists 15 teams (40 Participants)



Pre-registration and pre-evaluation
Recruit Post & Participation Registration Documents Evaluation & Preliminaries Sele
Online Registration on Official GIF Website Total 15 teams
2022. Oct. 10 ~ 14
22022. Sep. 12. ~ Oct. 20. Result Notice: 2022 Oct. 21.

Mission Mars Challenge

Evaluation Methods

Participation Finalist Teams (15 teams)
Date 2022. Oct. 27(Thu) 09:00~18:00
Venue Daegu EXCO 1F 3HALL Stage 2
Evaluation Methods
  • Each Team proceeds 2 rounds off Mission Mars Challenge
  • Provided score sheet base result calculation

Challenge Process Overview

Spike Prime Tutorial Mission Mars Challenge Rules Guide Correction and Practice Match
1 st Round Match Correction and Practice Match 2 nd Round Match

Announcement of Award Winning Teams and Ceremony

Notice Notice 2022. Oct. 27(Thu) 18:00, After result calculation, notice will be made
Ceremony 2022. Oct. 28(Fri) 17:00~18:00
Venue Daegu EXCO 1F 3HALL Main Stage